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Hud: The Spiritual Practitioner 

Prophet Hud was born into a prominent and honorable family. He was dignified and pious like his forefather Noah. He lived among the people of Aad.  He saw in them a dangerous spiritual disease and gave the the best spiritual prescription.

Idrees: The Fervent Writer

In this segment we look at one of the most devout servants of God. We learn lessons from Idrees, who had a passion for learning and how we can strive to become authors and custodians of knowledge.

Noah: The Unwavering One

This video highlights the unwavering persistence that Noah displayed in guiding his people to the path of God.

Adam: The Erudite of God

What distinguishes human beings from angels? In this short clip, we discuss how the seeker of knowledge can attain a status higher than that of the angels.

The Virtuous Husband 

What makes a true a virtuous husband? We explore how 3 simple traits define the stature of a husband and how these qualities can lead to a marriage filled with prosperity.

Divine Love

Have we appreciated the joy of divine proximity? Our next premiere entitled ‘Divine Love’ reminds us of when and where true love manifests itself and how we benefit from it.

The Promised Day

What will be the state of humanity as the final moments of the world approaches? Our next premiere entitled ‘The Promised Day’ illustrates the need of divine intervention to re-calibrate the worlds moral compass.

Weathering the Storm

In our next premiere we look at where the Islamophobic rhetoric originated and who the first victim was alongside solutions presented by God to face the heightened negativity towards the religion of Islam.

The Virtuous Wife

The Holy Prophet  said a virtuous wife receives the reward equivalent to half that of a martyr. In our next premiere we highlight various examples from history of wives’ that were integral to the spiritual life of their spouse.

A Mercy to the Worlds 

The Holy Prophet  was sent as a mercy to mankind. As we celebrate his birth anniversary, let us take a moment to reflect and ponder over some of the virtues that he taught us and the exemplary character with which he lived so that we may be able to tread in his footsteps and become better human beings.

I Saw Nothing But Beauty 

Every single day holds a new set of challenges for us in this life. But with every challenge that we face, we seek solace from those close to us as we appreciate their presence and company.
But for Lady Zainab, even after losing her dearest family members on that tragic day of Karbala she non-hesitantly said ‘I see nothing but beauty’ when Ibn Ziyad asked her of what had befallen her. Let us ponder over these words and reflect on our ultimate goal in this life.

The Five Weepers

After the tragic battle of Karbala, an even tougher phase awaited the fourth Imam.
In our next premiere entitled ‘ The Five Weepers ‘ we look at examples from the sayings of Imam al-Sadiq  where we learn how some of the holy personalities of Islam wept and the examples derived from it.

Tears Of The Messenger

“The martyrdom of Hussein kindles such a fire in the hearts of the believers which will never extinguish.” – Holy Prophet

Tears for the martyrs began way before the tragedy of Karbala. Our next video describes the scene of the holy household during the birth of Imam Hussain  and the promise of intercession on the day of judgment.

The Intoxication of Death

Every human being acknowledges the inevitability of death.  But what does death feel like? What do we experience in those final moments?

The Way She Walks

The combination of confidence with modesty is such a crucial element that is highly encouraged in Islam. Our next premiere ‘The way she walks’ provides an example of this quality that was displayed by Prophet Shuaib’s daughter when she met Prophet Musa (a.s.)

Discovering God

Is there any doubt about God the originator of the heavens and the earth? In our seventh video entitled ‘Discovering God’, we discuss how human beings have been created with an innate recognition of a higher power and why the existence of God is self evident beyond any doubt.

Be Fearless 

By using examples from Prophet Musa, the Holy Prophet and Imam Ali , the Central Board of Education has launched it’s sixth video entitled ‘ Be Fearless ‘ . This video illustrates the importance of why it is necessary that we change the state of our souls, from a state of fear to a state of fearlessness.

The Essence of Eid

As we conclude this Holy month, let us remember that for a true muslim, this is not “the end” but rather the start of a new journey towards gaining even more proximity to God

The Virtues of Ali (a.s.)

Someone once asked me, “Why do you exaggerate the virtues of Ali?” In this short video, I share a hadith from the Holy Prophet that gives us a glimpse into the ocean of Imam Ali’s merits.

The Month of the Qur’an

A short video highlighting the importance of the month of Ramadhan and how fasting has been legislated to increase our understanding of the Holy Qur’an.

The Humble Musa

This clip describes some of the most distinguishing qualities of a Believer : Humility and Humbleness. An example is drawn from the life of Prophet Musa (Moses) A.S. on how his humility earned him the title of Kalimullah !

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