The most prominent attribute of God in the Holy Quran is His infinite mercy. Of His ninety-nine names, He selected ‘The Compassionate’ and ‘The Merciful’ to introduce Himself to His creation. These attributes are not manifested to their fullest extent in the temporal world due to the limitations that characterize this earthly life; however, the Quranic descriptions paint a vivid picture of the paradisal abode that awaits the righteous. It is these descriptions that have been collected and analyzed throughout this book. The Grand Tour: Quranic Descriptions of Paradise offers the reader a glimpse into a wondrous world that represents the epitome of Divine mercy. Whether it is the splendid palaces, the opulent garments, or the company of the immaculate prophets, this book will walk the reader through each material and spiritual blessing reserved for the believers, as promised by God Almighty Himself.